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Fourth generation of CDMA iPad 4. Available in 16, 32, or 64 GB models. Model Number A1460.

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Logicboard in big trouble!

I must be the dumbest person to ever walk on earth

I was replacing a part and needed to remove the logicboard (1460)

when putting it back in the wifi connectors ( 3 x under logicboard) gave me heaps of trouble connecting. this turned into the wifi end of logicboard broke free from main board ( held together by ribbon) is this completely nackered now or is the ribbon only actually a adhesive strip OR does it have wires inside?

i looked and cant see wires!!!

thanks heaps to anybody who can help


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I think you're referring to the 4G portion at the top of the logic board that broke off and yes you are in some trouble. I know what you mean by it looks like adhesive but Its not adhesive. That cable is actually soldered onto the main logic board and controls the cellular data services on this device. Wifi will still work though

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Thanks its exactly what i meant. should the board still boot if this part is severed?

thanks Richard


Yes it should have full power and functionality, just no cellular service


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