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Repair guides for the HP LaserJet 1160/1320, a laser printer made by HP. The LaserJet 1320 has a duplexer and networking options, but the LaserJet 1160 does not.

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Paper is stuck in the photo section of my HP LaserJet 1320

My brother put the paper in the photo tray instead of where the copy paper goes. & the printer sucked the paper in. & now I can't even see the paper to get it out. It's all stuck in there. And now I can't print anything.

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By removing the cardridge and paper wnich is remains in the cartridge area and reinstalling the cartridge will fix the paper stuck issue. For more details visit https://www.123-hp-com-laserjet.com/hp-l...


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Katherine's comment above is correct.

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