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Device repair and troubleshooting help for the E1-571 model of Acer Aspire laptop computers.

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Hinge disconnected where it connects to the base

One of the hinges has become disconnected at the base, where is connects to the base of the laptop. I wonder if there are instructions that I can view somewhere, or if I should maybe send it to Acer for repair.

Acer E1-571-6481

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Happened to me too. The left hinge is held into place by four screws, you can see that in step 7 of the repair guide (in the upper-left corner of the pc). Unfortunately the screw nuts (I think that's the term) tend to pop out of their plastic socket, causing the hinge to push on the upper case and break it apart. I just stuck the screw nuts back into place with some super glue, and loosened the hinge bolt a bit to prevent future damage. Now the hinge requires less strength to open and works just fine. You should also check the little screw holding the power button into place, that might have popped out too. Hope it helps, and sorry if I made mistakes (english is not my motherlanguage).

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When this happens we have resorted to using epoxy and some creative bracing/clamping to make the hing operate normally. You might try that!

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