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The Sanyo VPC S1275 is a 12.0 mega pixel compact digital camera produced by Sanyo which is a subsidiary of Panasonic.

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Why Won't My Camera Zoom More Than 2 Times?

I dropped my camera off of a dresser and the lens was bent. I was able to fix it, but when I tried to zoom in the screen read "lens Error:0x2119" and the camera shut off. I then noticed a small crack up the side of the second cylinder of the lens about a centimeter long. I didn't know if this had anything to do with it or not. Everything else on the camera was still working the same and my pictures were clear. I can zoom in on pictures I'm viewing, just not while I'm taking a picture. I would really like to know how to fix this so I don't have to get a new camera.

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Thanks for your help but I think getting a new camera is the way to go if I'm "more than likely to damage the camera than fix it" since I practically break technology when I touch it.


:) I know what you mean. Hopefully next time whatever breaks will be more repairable.


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Hopefully this troubleshooting page can help you out: Sanyo VPC S1275 Troubleshooting

It sounds to me like the fall might have mis-aligned some internal parts, preventing it from zooming further. (A digital zoom on pictures you've already taken and are viewing on the screen is unrelated to the lens zooming in and out.)

I also found this guide on how to fix lens errors, but it sounds a bit risky for your camera, so be careful. Hope this helps!

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