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The Asus Q501LA features an Intel Core i5 4200U (1.60GHz) processor.

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Why is my laptop not turning on?

A few days ago I dropped my laptop and it landed on a dumbell on the keyboard (bottom at the time). Now it won't turn on. When I press the power button the indicator lights flash but nothing happens.

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Battery cannot be removed. Should I split it and check to see if everything's still intact?


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Try doing a hard reset: plug the AC adapter into the laptop/wall, take out the battery, hold down power for 15 seconds. If that doesn't work, you might've caused some serious internal damage such as cracking the motherboard in half or, though unlikely, maybe even knocking the CPU out of the socket.

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Hi, sorry that may be late to this post. What may have happened, when you dropped your laptop, is that the CMOS battery may have been knocked from its placement. Or the main battery plug to the motherboard has become detached. The battery is inside of the laptop. To reach it you have to remove the 10 small screws on the bottom of laptop. After removal of the protection plate you will notice that the main battery is to the right of the motherboard and the CMOS battery will be the small round silver battery to the left. The plug to the main battery is black which sits to the left side of the battery. Press the plug careful not to apply to much pressure. If you hear a slight click then that was the source of your problem. The CMOS battery is pretty simple, carefully remove the battery, and reinstall it.

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