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The Nikon N80 (also known as F80) is a 35mm SLR Camera. It was released in January 2000 and is identified by model number 1776.

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Why won't my Nikon N80 turn on?

My Nikon N80 won't turn on! I tried charging the batteries, what else should I try?

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Hi Maegan, often times when carrying your camera with you throughout the day, or even just having it sitting at home, dust and other foreign objects can become imbedded within the camera. Try gently clearing out all the spaces by the power switch to get rid of any dirt or dust that may have accumulated throughout your travels and make sure the power switch can move freely. While you mentioned that you had tried charging the batteries, I would recommend that you try other batteries and make sure they are each in their correct chambers as well as making sure the chambers are free of any debris.

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