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Where does this metal piece go?

iBook G4 14" 1.42 GHz Early 2004

After replacing the HDD on this model & before putting the white top back on...

I accidentally knocked this part loose when dusting with a toothbrush, while foolishly looking away...

The top shield was in place & the white top was suspended in the air by my hand, while the other hand swiped & inadvertently induced the damage...

It could be from the track pad area or even the latch...

Maybe it came loose before that & needs to go somewhere back in the Hard Drive housing????

I'm sure that if I just went ahead & didn't put it back in, it would be really important to it's function & if I DO go to all this trouble to find out, it will turn out that it is basically inert, right!?!?!?!


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I uploaded a jpeg down in the lower left coner as prompted, however, I don't see it anywhere????


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I put the guide up for your correct computer. Click on the parts list to the right and see if you can spot your part. The link you gave is not your email address. Click on my icon and go to my web site to get my email address and send me the jpeg and I'll see if I can identify it.

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It's simply a clip for holding cables in place. I really wouldn't worry about it.


Thanks Mayer!!!!

I figured as much... LOL~

I still can't see where it goes & it's still driving me nuts... Oh well... a "Rookie Mistake" that I completely deserved!!!!

This has been worse than not being able to find that one last elusive puzzle piece...

You are a kind soul to offer your assistance...

Sure wish I could figure out how to make the pic that I uploaded display properly...

Ho Hum~



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Well there now,

Whad'da ya' know... I did it...

If anyone can narrow it down any further, I have not put the computer back together yet...



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Invalid Image????

It WAS there, honest...


Block Image

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I finally remembered that it arched up from the logic board to the track pad...

I'm guessing that it's purpose is to probably help support it????

I re-attached it with white silicone calking!!!!

Good Times~


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