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6th generation Android smartphone designed by Google and manufactured by Huawei. Released October 2015.

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3rd party Qi charging options for Nexus 6P

Are there opportunities to add Qi charging using third-party coil add-ons? My great disappointment is this not being included or at least an option.

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Thanks, that's what I feared. Do you know if the back is removable, maybe there will be enough interest someone will fabricate a RF porous replacement and find accessible attachment points for charging... Not likely I guess. :-(


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Perhaps a solution like iQi (currently available for Apple devices) will be released.

The only drawbacks of such a solution are:

1)that the charging module is attached over the phone so you should use a thin case to hide it;

2)using the phone's USB port may be problematic due to charging module cable attached to it.

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I had been keeping that as a fall-back. Thanks for the insights.


I use a "stick on" module, and it works pretty well.

Sure, it only charges at 1W, on a good day, but I can trade the fast-charge capability for the convenience of wireless; I've had this installed since the first week of ownership.

You can sync almost everything, easily, using wireless (either Bluetooth or WiFi), so there's not a lot of reasons to need to connect it to a computer, physically, IMHO.

Obviously (I think), this involves a case, something to cover the Qi charging coil. There are numerous USB-C stick-on modules out there, of various qualities, definitely need to read reviews, and choose one with a flush-mount cable (to keep it protected, by the case edge).


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Not internally, the case is metal so Qi charging won't work through it.

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