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Nikon's D3200 DSLR has 24.2 megapixels. This model is geared towards casual photography enthusiasts with advanced specifications and performance.

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Looking to build a remote video trigger


I'm working to assemble a remote camera system, and am trying to figure out how to remotely trigger video using a wired connection on the Nikon D3200 (or similar) type camera. I see lots of traditional cable releases for stills, but I can't seem to find a pin out for the video trigger. I already have an array set up using GoPro's, so once I add the DSLRs it will be awesome!

thanks for the help!


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ATG suggests if you are using Android, go to Google Play...

  • Type DSLR Dashboard /or QDSLR Dashboard
  • Pay and load that up to your Android
  • Buy an ATG's OTG Cable
  • Attach ATG' OTG Cable to Android
  • Use USB Cable that came with the camera, then connect to camera & Android
  • Turn on camera
  • On Android, look for DSLR Dashboard- touch it to open

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