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iBook G4 12" won't power on at all!

My iBook G4 (1.33 GHz) won't turn on/power up no matter what I do. The computer was on and "awake" about a month ago, and then blanked out at some point one morning--and I did not see exactly what happened to it. Since then, the computer won't turn on no matter what I do. When I push down on the power button, nothing happens. The battery is fully charged (four green pips). Since this happened, I've tried taking the battery out overnight and putting it back in, and I've also tried also the various PRAM reset combinations on the keyboard. Nothing works! Although this is a backup computer, I'd like to get it working again if at all possible. Hope someone here can suggest how to troubleshoot the problem, and suggest a fix. I have installed the AirPort Extreme card and RAM into the laptop a few years ago, but I've never done anything more involved.

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1. Press the control key, the command key, and the power button simultaneously and hold for three seconds to try to restart the computer.

2. Reset the PRAM. After pressing the power button, hold down these keys simultaneously: Command-Option-P-R, until you hear the startup chime at least one additional time after the initial startup chime.

3. Reset the PMU for the MacBook And MacBook Pro by removing the AC power, removing the battery and then holding down the power button for five seconds.

4. If you recently installed additional memory, make sure it is correctly installed and is compatible with your computer. Remove the new memory to see if the computer starts up properly without it.

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Thanks for replying to my original message. Anyway, I just tried steps 1 - 3 and nothing happens. No startup chime, no clicking, no nothing--just the black screen. Battery still shows fully charged. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.


First please un-accept my answer because it still needs one that will works and others may have a better idea than mine but won't look at it if the answer has been accepted.


my question is now un-answered, and available for review and comment. Hope someone can suggest a fix that can work!


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