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My headphones are not getting sound, what's wrong?

My head phones are not recieving sound from the i-pod. I've double checked the headphones and they work. that means it is the i-pod, but what part exactly? How can it be fixed?

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Often on Ipods the Phono Jacks can stop working if there is dirt in them, for this i would suggest a cotton bud / tooth pick or something simmilar.

Otherwise the Jack has come loose from its solder and will need to be replaced. ( Parts available on ebay etc ) but if you have no soldering experience, i would leave it to the professionals.

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I've come across this as well. For a temporary fix you can take a small piece of tin foil and wrap your headphone jack with it. Not too much though as the fit is tight. What this does is it removes the clearance created by the wearing out of the contacts in the jack and allows a complete contact to be made. Now be ware as well that when you remove your headphones, the tinfoil will probably stay in the jack, making it so that the speakers will not work because it thinks the headphones are still in. You will have to fish out the tinfoil if you want sound without using the headphones. I found that a wooden scewer ( for souvlaki) works well, or a small tweezer. You will need to replace the jack for a proper and complete fix though. Good luck;)

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