Model A1311 / Late 2009 / 3.06 or 3.33 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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HDD replaced but fan is contiuosly running and very loudly?

I just purchased a new Intel i3 mac and then bought a HDD upgrade to a 1.5TB Seagate as recommended by OWC.

After following the guide found on here, I was able to successful install the drive and get the machine back up and running.

However after about 5-10 mins of use, whether just on idle or browsing the web, my CPU fan blows loudly and continuously without stopping.

I downloaded istats and it shows my fan consistently blowing at 1199 rpm. With the noise increasing, the fan still stays at those speeds. I returned the iMac and exchanged for another. Once installed the new HDD, I still had the same issue. Looks like an install error, but I followed the guide found on here to the T.

The tech guy at OWC said it could be the thermal sensor, not placed correctly, etc. When connecting the thermal sensor, I connected it the exact same way when I disconnected it. Maybe this is where I went wrong. The guide states, During reassembly, be sure that the thermal sensor connector is connected to set of pins closest to the SATA connectors. What does that mean? I didn't understand that, should I have flipped the connection as oppose to connecting it the exact same way as when I removed it?

I was wondering if anybody could confirm this. Thanks in advance.

This is the drive I bought

1.5 TB SATA Desktop Hard Drive

Seagate one. Thanks

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As far as i know the thermal sensor is inside the HDD on these models. You must install a drive from the same manufaturer and same series to get the sensor to read correctly.

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Yes, I did install the correct drive. I made sure that I purchased the same manufacturer. The original 500GB drive was also seagate. I added the line, after looking at the guide again. Maybe I installed the thermal sensor incorrectly. Could you help me understand what it means by, "During reassembly, be sure that the thermal sensor connector is connected to set of pins closest to the SATA connectors."?

I installed it the same way as I removed it, but maybe this is the problem.


The board should be labelled what connector fits where. It's very small writing, have a look.


I found what your talking about but I don't get what the problem is. My fan noise is still like a jet. I know what normal fan noise sounds like, but this thing is on full blast after about 15 mins of web browsing. I checked the thermal senor wire to the HDD and all was connected correctly, the way it was before I opened it. I worked very carefully and followed the guides exactly.

I am getting frustrated being this is the second iMac in 4 days. Both doing the same thing after upgrading the drive. The tech support from OWC said that the HDD was compatible and the fan noise was due to incorrect sensor connection. I am all out of options.




Hi, I have happen this problem same as you when I changed HDD with Seagate 1TB, the fan run sound like a jet after 10min when boot. how to fix it?



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i have resolve the problem check Loud fan after upgrading from 500GB HD to 2TB HD.

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