The HP All-in-One desktop personal computer released in the Summer of 2013. This 20" touchscreen is an ideal family home computer that can function as both a desktop and a mobile computer.

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Why is my computer running so slowly?

My computer has been been running so slowly recently and I don't know why! I have a bunch of free memory on my hard drive and a fair amount of RAM and it's still a bit sluggish. Is there anything I can do?

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What protection do you use on the system? (antivirus, antispyware, etc...)


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As mentioned in the troubleshooting page of this device here, it’s possible that your computer just needs a good cleaning. Excessive dust buildup in any machine can lower efficiency. I'd start there.

Applications running in the background of your computer can also put major strain on the processor. Try trimming down on useless applications by uninstalling programs you no longer use or disabling some startup applications in your task manager. The task manager can be accessed by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete. To disable programs go to the startup tab at the top of the pop-up window.

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Slow computer. may be due to a few reasons, I suggest you:

Install a SSD - The performance increase is so noticable and is definatley the best upgrade you can make to an old computer! Done it on 3 of my old computers

Install Fresh OS on this SSD - A clean OS will be perfect for the SSD and then you can drag all your required files that you need from the backup you make of your existing drive!

Note: Even better - Install OS on SSD and then plug in exisiting drive in other bay of computer and use for storage!

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3 ideas

1 Is your hard disk continually running when little or nothing is happening? Find out what it's doing through Task Manager.

2 Browser going slow? Two possibilities. 1 try another browser; if that's OK, either use the new one or clean it. Firefox has a cleaning tool. 2 Is it carrying too many active advertisements? Try using ADBLOCK plus (free). It's good because it allows qualifying advertisements, and someone has to pay for the Internet.

3 Check the registry. You'll need a program for this. Don't forget to back up old registry first.

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If you haven't figured it our yet and are using Windows 10 (you didn't state your operating system). then go to the task manager and click on the User tab. It will show the CPU, memory, Hard drive and network usage. This will provide a clue to the problem.

If the CPU usage is very high in normal usage, you probably have a virus. Do an Anti virus scan which can take many hours depending on how many files your have. If you do the scan, disable any sleep mode so the computer will continue to scan overnight if needed.

Another thing to check is if there is high disk usage. Writing to a hard drive is a slow process and will greatly slow the computer if it is constantly being done. This may be a virus but also could be problems with the drive itself. If it is creating errors, there may be repeated writing or reading and you will probably get computer crashes as well. You can get better detail on the Performance tab of the task manager. You can also right click on the Windows icon (on the side of the task bar) and select Disk Management. This will show the status of all drives and partitions. They should all say Healthy.

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