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Дата выхода 19 сентября 2014 года. Это большая версия iPhone 6 с 5.5-дюймовый экраном.

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touch screen intermittent, sometimes has white lines on picture

I just have to say right off that this is an odd one.

I've got a coworker that has an iPhone 6 Plus where the home button doesn't work at all and the digitizer will work if you beat on the phone or twist it.

Let that sink in a moment.... Yes, the phone is being twisted like you would ring out a dishrag: by holding each end in a hand and pushing on the ends in the opposite directions. Sometimes it will work if you bang the front of it against something else or press on the screen near where the front assembly connects to the board. When the phone is being mangled like that, the digitizer will kinda work; you can swipe to unlock, press icons, and so forth. When the phone is laying flat, touch doesn't work at all. I had to see it to believe it, and was downright horrified at the level of abuse being demonstrated.

This was about a month after the screen was replaced due to shattered glass.

Being a phone repair hobbyist, I knew that both the touch and the home button were connected in the same corner, and figured it was just loose cabling. Took it apart, and they were all snug in their sockets. No obvious damage to the sockets or the cabling. I put it back together, and still didn't work.

My coworker says she had taken it to where she had it repaired before and they tried 2 other screens but with the same results. Right up until I learned that information, I thought bad part. With the cost of a front assembly, I don't have one lying about to try testing with, either.

Given that the digitizer isn't working at all, I have no way of checking the front camera to see if that is also working or not (I've no intention of nearly snapping the phone in two to try).

Now I have no idea what is wrong with it. I've taken the motherboard out now, but I'm not seeing any cracks or loose soldering (though it could be something minuscule I'm overlooking). Ideas, please!


I was able to finagle my way into testing the camera. It works fine....if you can get to it because of no touch.

From what I've found out from digging around the internet as well as some fiddling with the phone, this phone is an extreme example of the "white bar on the top of the display and touch screen not working".

A discussion on the Apple forums had a repair tech chime in.

The rep's screen name is "PatRichSua".

His first response on the issue is found at

The tech says as follows:

"Guys this seems related to the MOLEX LCD connection on the board, I just received 2 phones with the same issue, and this happen when you press the molex connection on the board, this is a level 3 and 4 support since is micro soldering and on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus is hard, I will do some test changing this port or checking the board on the microscope and let you know, but for sure is related for the connection, I tried 2 new screens and it happens when you press the connection on the board."

As well as...

"Posting an update, it was the molex connection (LCD) Connection on the screen, it was dirty, just make sure is properly connected or clean, if you have never opened your phone it may be disconnected when you drop it, so its causing interference. Let me know your results. I just clean that on the 2 6 plus phones and it worked properly =)"

Soooo, if you are lucky, you can just hose the connectors on the motherboard and on the LCD assembly with Electronic Cleaner(or rubbing alcohol (MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT GET THE FLUID ON THE LCD ITSELF OR YOU END UP WITH A WATER DAMAGED DISPLAY) and hope for the best.

If you are UNLUCKY, PatRichSua says here:

"I just received 1 more phone related to the same issue, after perform some troubleshooting, I can confirm that this is related to the molex connection on the board since is just there when the issue happen when you pressed or move it, it's seems this part is sensible and Apple is aware of that, please note that this is not solved by changing the LCD, or Restore the phone, I know you believe that is a hardware issue too, but I can confirm that is related to the board, I will try to change this part and let you know the result, related to your question, if you are aware about how to open the phone and disamble the lcd on a safety way you you will see 4 connection from the LCD to the board, the small one in L is the one for the home button, the 3 in the same line are related on the following:

The first one you see before disconnect the LCD is related to the front camera, the second one ( the one in the middle of the 3) is the one cause this failure, even if you press the part with the phone turned on you will be able to reproduce the issue, I can recommend you to go to an Apple store and put your phone under warranty before to open it. Since even if you clean or adjust that part it will eventually fail and first if you don't have the training you will have the risk for a damage on the phone and second you will lose your warranty. So if there's nothing you can do or you don't have warranty anymore then yes you can go to a repair shop with a micro soldering experience on iPhone phones and replace that connection, however I need to first give a try changing this part to confirm that this solve the issue, but im like 90% sure that is related to that part, all the capacitors, chips, diodes are fine on the board.

Apple must do something about it since it seems a bunch of phone have or will have this issue in the next months."

In conclusion, if your phone is in warranty, get it replaced. If it isn't, then you either have a brick or you are finding a specialist that can do micro work.

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Mine is the same it had no problems until about a year after having the phone with its case .Also it gets worse overtime because at first it happened every once a while now its happening more than i can even use it.


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The screen was already replaced, that is why I had asked the question.

I found an answer from Mendon iPad Rehab that explains it perfectly. The problem is the touch Integrated controller is disconnecting from the board. This is a very high level repair.

Here is a link to their blog explaining it:

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Was there ever a solution to this problem?

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Hi friend,I think the touch screen of iPhone 6 Plus need to replace.

Because it is very hard to renew by repairing.

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