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Western Digital My Passport Drive. USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive.

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Why is my password not working only flashing the light

my password not working only flashing the light why



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my password not working only flashing the light why. and my windows is hang


Same problem here!!!

Windows 7 stop working.

In my case it look like it's the UBS adapter is not ok...

I move the cable and the light comeback, and some time the "Disk Management tool" can see my HDD, but can't initialize it.


I want PassPort to answer the question. That's why I'm here.


My passport WD was blinking and beeping. Now it's only blinking. Hasn't happened before. Truth is I barely ever use my computer anymore. After almost 30 years I'm almost totally out of Microsoft but I have lots of files & pictures there I'd prefer not losing.


i have similar issue here, the light to my passport is on but cant read the device? is it a cable issue?


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You need WD Smartware. When Passport asks for password put in the wrong password 5 times it will then ask if you want it formatted say yes. Then it will work fine. You will lose all info on the disk but have functioning disk.

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what if i dont want to loose the info on the disk is there a recovery option?


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