Второе поколение iPhone. Модель A1241; 8 или 16 ГБ памяти; с черной или белой задней пластиковой крышкой. Ремонт проще, чем первого iPhone. Требует отвертки и инструментов для вскрытия.

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water damage 3g iPhone

hi i have 3g 8gb iphone and it is water damaged its been a lond time when it had dipped in water and i started switching it on but after a while it stoped working and no display at all now please tell me can it be repair?

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you need to take the phone apart, drying out doesn't remove all the residue that is in the water. follow instruction to take iphone apart/ remove logic board and then take off aluminium/metal cover from logic board and clean everything with isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush-green or white residue. leave it to dry completely then reassemble and cross your fingers...

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I don't think it is recoverable. However I had a Samsungs iSh-300 that I dropped in water. I recovered from the water fall by placing in an oven at about 150 dregrees F for aobut 24 hours. I had taken the battery out first. I did not turn the phone on. When all is soaked and the battery is turned on all kinds of things can happen. The switch can connedt the battery to all of the componets and cause a disastrous destructions of major parts.

I would not hold much hope that it has survived. But try anyway all you have to loose is the power of the oven to heat it up. Do not use Micro wave!!!. Try and remove the battery first. It could survive the heat but don"t take a chance.

I wish you good luck should you decide to try this.

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ALHUMDULILLAH keep in rice for three days formula worked and my iphone is back in business but display light is gone please help me wat shud i do


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