My phone is swictched off

my lava iris x1 atom is switched off now it is not opening is it phone fault or battery fault

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my phone was stopped


my phone not turning on


my mobile not getting oned when it is restarted


my mobile shuts randomly


My lava iris battery drop up and down


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When you plug in your charger does the phone show that it is charging?

If so, let it charge for a while, then see if you can start the phone with the charger still connected.

If it does start, shut down and then see if you can fully charge the battery. If it doesn't then the battery is faulty and needs to be replaced.

If the phone does not charge with the charger connected, try another charger.

If it does then your charger is faulty.

If it still doesn't charge with a different charger then the charging circuit in the phone or the battery is faulty

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My lava iris 405+ is not switch on why? Charger is in good condition and battery also. I hope u answer my question soon plz reply fast


My Lava Iris X8 when connected to charger turns on and gets instantly of and so on is there any solution for this problem


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