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20", 23", and 30" LCD Display introduced in 2004 discontinued in 2010.

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Monitor Software for 2005 Apple 30" Monitor

Where do I obtain software for a 2005 Apple 30" Cinema Monitor to operate on Windows 7 64-bit operating system?

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Apple Cinema Display 30-Inch (Aluminum) Specs

Identifiers: Aluminum - M9179LL/A - A1083

This model uses the industry standard DVI (Digital Video Interface) and requires a Mac or Windows PC equipped with a dual-link DVI port.

You machine may only have a single link video card, see this Wiki on the differences: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Digital_Vi...

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The user is asking about software.

Depending on the video card, Windows 10, with the proper driver installed for the video card, and with a video card which supports up to 2560x1600 through Dual link DVI cabling, on an Apple 30", can limit you to 1280x800 resolution, and consider that "recommended". Pretty terrible. I think, but am not sure that the issue is the exact driver for my GT1030 fails, with no luck. Since I DO have the dual link DVI cable, it works with the Apple 30" monitors at full resolution with a different video card (GTX780Ti), I think the issue is software, and hence may be similar to what this poster was asking.

So far, no solution. If I clobber the right driver and force Windows to use a generic one briefly, the resolution IMPROVES, ironically.

With a different card, the same computer, LCD, and DVI cable, no problems. But the GT1030 defaults to low res and offers no other options, other than hand-entering custom resolutions, which I am loath to do.


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The 30-inch Cinema HD Display just accepts a standard DVI-D connection for video, so there should be no drivers you necessarily need to download. Is there some special function you are trying to do that would require a driver?

I plugged it into my Windows desktop to try a game out at its 2560x1600 resolution, and it worked like any other monitor.

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