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The W123 chassis covers 240D's, 300D's, 300TD's, 280E's, and several other models of Mercedes coupes, sedans and wagons from model years 1977 to 1985.

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Why is my turn signal not working?

my turn signal is not working but hazard light is working.

how do I fix this problem.

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Flip the hazard switch back and forth. It is seldom used , on the same circuit. Often fixes this problem for $0 ... good luck , -Eric


Hi Guys

I had the same issue with my 1997 300d. The Flasher stopped working and if you tapped it you might get a flash but eventually nothing. I looked around and could only find reconditioned units , the cheapest being 129 Euro. I did some research and found that the units start to stick as the get older. I purchased a bottle of Isopropyl Alcohol for about $8 AUS .I placed the entire Flasher unit in a jar and covered it with the Isopropyl Alcohol. and placed a lid on the Jar ( it evaporates quickly). Let it sit in there for 10 -15 mins and regularly shook to get the fluid right through the parts of the Flasher. The fluid changer colour slightly , but I noticed there was a lot of small particles in the bottom of the jar eventually. I took it out, shook of excess and then blew it dry. Plugged it in and it has been working ever since. Worth a try before spending serious money on a 2nd hand unit that may not work !


@Rhymes With Orange

This worked like a charm on the very first try!!

But will also do the Alcohol cleaning as the toggle switch feels very sticky



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Cross posted from your other question:

Hello, it depends on the year of W123 you have.

The very early models with the "big" hazard flasher switch that you push in to turn on the relay is part of the switch. You simply replace the switch as one unit along with the relay.

If you have a later model W123 with the smaller hazard switch that is a toggle style switch instead of a push button switch then the relay is underneath the wood trim that surrounds the shifter. Search around online on how to remove this wood trim - generally it's pretty simple. You remove the ash tray and the bracket for the ash tray and then you can push the wood trim towards the back of the car. It will move backwards at which point you will want to carefully pull up on the back of the trim panel. Be careful not to damage the pin at the back of the trim panel - you need to pull it back far enough to clear the opening that it goes in to! Once the pin is clear the trim should just lift up over the shifter. You will see the relay hiding underneath - it should be the only relay there.

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Flip hazard light on and off. Oftern fixes problem with turn signals as it is on same circuit and this switch is seldom used Good Luck , -Eric

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Why is my turn signal slow and needs to be tapped to flicker continuously .

I have a W123 250 Auto straight 6, and had the exact same issue with my flicker unit as Takuya. After reading Takuya’s solution, bought a bottle of methylated spirits, after removing the Unit(No SAEJ590C/J945) DOT QC76 from the car , I removed the light shaft .

Poured the methylated spirits into the opening of the light on the shaft which I removed, and repeated the same process a few times… , grab the hair dryer to make sure the unit was dry and bobs your uncle -the unit is a good as new :)

Thanks Takuya for your advice, saved me a few bob.

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