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Projector light on and off or off ,only sound /audio no video


NIRAJ from Navi Mumbai India

I bought Mini projector Rd802

After purchasing within 1 hr adapter burnt sellers sent me new one same day

now the problem is that projector Led is not turning on when projector turned on only audio no video on screen

some times led flashes and turn off

please tell me solution for the problem to fix the projector



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The first adapter was it 12V DC / 2A (2000mA) output?

If yes there may have been a fault either in the projector already or in the adapter and that is why the adapter burnt out.

If it was a different output value it may have damaged the projector and that is why the 2nd adapter (if it is the correct value) does not make it work properly.

Check your warranty and contact the seller.

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I have the similar issue.Brand new unit runs for 15 mins then shuts down but by that time the ac adapter is very hot.Do i need to get a other adaptor


I then turn it back on and then it turns off even faster after like 1 to 2 minutes.Its annoying.


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