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A lawn mower made by the American Company Toro

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Why is mower leaking oil

Mower (toro 22" recycler lawn mower) worked fine two weeks ago. Starts right up. Black smoke blowing out of engine area by muffler shield, dripping oil onto mower under muffler shield. Sounds a little rough when running, but very slight sound. The oil level is fine, I have not tilted the mower.

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Check your oil: is it thick and gooey, or is it thin and runny? If, as I suspect, it is the latter, you may have sunk the float in your carb and poured a tankful of gas into the oil. If this is the case, you'll at least need a new carb float and to change the oil, but if it is already smoking you'll probably need to re-ring the piston as well.


I have same mower, and when mowing the bank by the street, whenever the mower is running on the slope with the carburetor on downside, it begins to smoke and run rough. The Toro dealer said this was normal and unavoidable. And what is "sinking the float" and how does one do it? And how does one avoid doing it?


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It depends where it’s leaking it may need a gasket or it my have a crack in it

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