The Macintosh LC II was released in 1991, as a low-cost color Macintosh. It succeded the Macintosh LC, and was replaced by the Macintosh LC III, all of which followed the "Pizza Box" case design.

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Can't boot up my computer

I can't boot up my Macintosh LC II. It keeps trying then it stops with a white screen on the monitor. There are no 'faces' appearing on the screen when it tries to boot. Now after umpteenth times I now get only a dark screen. Interestingley in one of the boot tries I was able to get my open file page but with a frozen cursor. After a few minutes the page disappeared with only a white screen again re-appearing. Can this kind of malfunction be repaired?


I found the battery, Thanks, Ralph

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Fortunately, I found an easy way of fixing my problem. With the intention of removing the hard disk, I first disconnected the multi-pin cable to it, but then decided to remove it for the next day instead. I re-connected the cable back to the hard disk. Lo and behold when I switched on the power, the computer booted up in normal operation.

Presumably, the problem was an oxidation film built-up on the pin contact(s) over the past 2 decades on my Macintosh LC II. Disconnecting and re-connecting the pins evidently abraded enough of the film surface to again make good ohmic contact.


Oh, by the way I want to thank both Marian and Mayer for your interest in helping me out. Ralph


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Replace the 3.6 volt AA battery and see if the problem persists.

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Thanks Mayer for the battery replacement suggestion. I've taken the cover lid off, i can't find the battery. Where is it located? Thanks. Ralph




Here's the PRAM battery you need--just look for it. Good luck. Ralph


It should have a small black plastic cover with a slot in it that pulls off, totally useless part. Just note the positive and negative markings.


I replaced the 3.6 V battery, the LC II still does not boot up. Any further suggestions? Thanks. Ralph


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Hy, Ralph!

How's your LC? Did you repair it?

I've just repaired mine. The power supply was KO. I found one (not genuine) with +/-5V&+12V from an old computer.

The battery keeps your settings and should not be a condition for starting. (At least at my LC).

All the best!


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