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7.9 inch display iPad Mini, with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage.

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Dead spot on upper left corner

Hi guys,

I have been working on an iPad Mini which is giving me headache. I replaced the digitiser and experienced the screen going absolutely crazy when laid flat on the frame.

Got the solution for that by searching here - taping the copper parts on the new digitiser which solved the issue. But then I got a dead spot on the upper left corner instead, approx. 2x2 cm where the digitiser is unresponsive. Tried another digitiser but with the same result - a dead spot the same place.

When removing the digitiser from the frame and holding it up, it seems to work periodically.

I tend to think that there is a hardware error in the iPad but maybe I'm just missing something vital? Any suggestions/advice will be greatly appreciated ..

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I would think this is almost certainly a parts or installation problem. If you are seeing the same problem on multiple screens from different suppliers, then it is an installation problem. There are a million installation problems you can have on the finicky iPad mini---I wrote a blog on my iPad Rehab website about the 44 individual installation errors that I learned on my own the hard way.

In your case, I would guess you are probably not bending the digi flex toward the LCD as it is in the original. It is tempting to allow the digi flex to adhere to the adhesive on glass---which will result in the flex folding back toward the frame and ultimately forming a crease---which can cause ghosting and dead spots.

The touch ic on the screen is the cause of dead spots. The digitizer/flex connector on the logic board is touch all or nothing.

good luck!


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Hi Jessa,

Thank you very much for the elaborate answer.

I considered this to be the problem as both the digitisers I tested have creases on the flex cable and probably have been pinched. But what puzzles me is that it is the exact same place there is a dead spot on both .. What are the odds for that?


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You may want to have a close up inspection of the Digitizer connector on the logic board to make sure it isn't cracked or missing a pin.

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