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No backlight - how to test the inverter?

I have no backlight on my Macbook Pro 2,2. When I took it apart, I found out that two screws came out of their hole by 3-4 mm, thus squeezing the white-pink cable.

So, I highly suspect this cable is the problem, but before cutting and soldering, I'd like to be sure.

Can I test the inverter with a multimeter to see if it works? Which tension should it give?

What else could I test before the nip&tuck?


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Well thanks mayer, but it was clear that the screen worked.

The problem could be located in three places: the inverter cable, the inverter, the white-pink cable going from the inverter to the screen.

I suspected the white-pink cable, so I peeled off some bits to try and pull the copper wire. But the copper wire was not broken.

I examinated then the inverter cable. When I tried to remove it, I found out that two of the four wires were cut.

I ordered a new one, and once installed it, my light is back again.

And it was not the inverter ;-)

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Gee, you did have the advantage of having the computer in your grubby little hands. So it wasn't the inverter, IT WAS THE CABLE THAT WENT TO THE INVERTER. Well EXCUSE ME!! Please accept your own answer so that others may be helped and I won't have to answer questions anymore.


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Try shining a flashlight on the screen at an angle and if you see the desktop then the problem is your inverter.

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there is a fuse on the I/O board that has blown,

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