Wont turn on - only LED 1 on.. LED 2&3 Flash

I read many of the questions in the forum regarding this issue... LED 1 stays solid green...And pointed to the power supply.. So I order one in amazon.. Just replaced the old for the new one and still doing the same thing. I have tried switching the memory already. So as soon as I connect the power into the wall.... Led 2&3 will flash for about half a second and then back to off, both fans will also move a little bit as in there was a little electricity... But just as the leds.... Quickly stop as well. So since led' s and fans are reacting at the same exact time... Im thinking the power supply is good but something else is preventing the ele tricity continue to flow... Ant suggestions please?

Bottom plate is showing Imac 20/2.66/2GB/320GB/SD USA

BRCM 1024

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