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The bottom case of my PS4 is dented!

I bought my Star Wars Bundle PS4 a week ago, and my girlfriend accidentally dropped it... the bottom part of the case is dented and i'm really anal about it!

Is it possible for me to replace it from the parts sold in ifixit store?

It's a Star Wars Bundle PS4 CUH 1206A.

Please reply asap thank you very much!

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It doesn't look like the iFixit shop sells the bottom case. From what I can tell the Star Wars edition has Darth Vader printed on the top case and just a standard bottom case. You should be able to find one on ebay. The repair itself is just removing three screws from the back and popping the case off. Good luck.

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Wont the CUH 11XXA work for the CUH 1200? Cheers!


Oops, didn't see that the first time I looked. Yes, that would work.


PlayStation 4 (CUH-11XXA) Left Case

Is this the one? and will the warranty be voided if i take them out?

Thanks a lot mate! :)


That's the one. Yes, the warranty will be voided once you remove the sticker covering the middle screw.


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