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Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W150 is a 8.1 megapixel point and shoot camera with a 2.7" LCD display.

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Sony Cybershop DSC w 150 why are my photos extremely over exposed

suddenly all of the photos are very over exposed. I have reset the camera to factory specs but it hasn't helped. Its like its stuck on an iso of 3200.

The auto modes don't help.

Is it likely to be a problem with the sensor?

The images are very pale with visible horizontal white lines very close together

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Did you try selecting High ISO sensitivity?

Also, set the White Balance to “Cloudy”. You can also set this option to “Daylight” as it is suitable for different outdoor conditions.

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Adjustments to the white balance make no difference

Where do I select High ISO sensitivity? The ISO palette only includes auto, the 80 to 3200 depending on other settings, i.e., no 'High ISO' mode


Duh! Yes, there is a high sensitivity setting on the mode wheel, but selecting 'High sensitivity' makes no difference to the result, the images are still extremely over exposed. If anything, it makes toe problem worse.


If the issue persists, initialize the Camera to factory settings:

MENU>(Settings)>(Main Settings)>[Initialize]>[OK]


I have initialised and reset the camera to factory settings but the problem remains


Ok, so I'm guessing it's fine, when you look through the lcds. But, after capturing the image, and viewing it, with the LCD, it's all white and blurry?


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