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The Asus Transformer Pad TF300T is an Android tablet computer released in April 2012. The Asus Transformer design includes an optional docking keyboard that “transforms” the tablet into more of a laptop computer.

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Why is my screen flickering and the programs aren't loading.

Asus Transformer T300T

There has been no damage to the tablet. It wasn't dropped or hasn't been wet, but the screen flickers, programs aren't opening or loading correctly. The screen starts scrolling to other screens or the keyboard function opens and letter start typing. Besides being creepy, it's 100% not functional.

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Just a thought. Does it do this with the keyboard removed? Does it do this when the charger is connected and powered on?


I dont have the attachable keyboard, so yes it does this without itand it does this with the charger attached or separate.


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Have you tried resetting the device. There is a paperclip sized hole on the side, between the micro HDMI port and the micro SD Card slot. With the device on, insert a slightly opened paperclip into the hole, (it will feel like you are pushing a button -which you are), hold operated for a few seconds then remove. The T300 will restart.

Note: Forcing the system to restart may result in data loss.

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you probably have a defective battery, or the battery charging circuit has been damaged, the flickering of the screen is because the screen doesnt have enough power to stay on, so it turns on turns of turns on turns of etc. really fast wich creates the flickering, for the slow performance/unstable performance, the processor would be undervolted, would be an explanation, try to hook the tablet up to the charger, does it make a difference?

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It does the same while hooked up to the charger. Will also "ghost" swipe and type, usually the same repeated letter.


ok, then youll probably have a defective screen, because if it was a battery issue, then it would probably stop when hooked up to the charger you could replace the screen, and see if that fixes it, if not then just send back the screen to get a refund


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