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The economical version of the Samsung Galaxy S4, released in July 2013.

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Repair smartphone with loca glue without using Uv ultraviolet light?

Wants to know if I can repair a smartphone with Loca Glue without using the UV ultraviolet light to dry the glue?

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A UV light is really cheap, but you could leave your phone out in the sun, although not recommended, it will take a longer time to cure and might heat it up too much.

Of course you can always get, at the least, a $4 UV flashlight to cure the glue.

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Defecte Galaxy S4 hij gaat aan, trilt echter blijft het scherm zwart wat mankeert er?

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Answer can be also In English too.


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Who can please help me out? I tried to set my Samsung galaxy s4 into factory setting after it has come to the language installation the telephone does not respond to any thing again. I tap the language to change the language into English but no respond hit next nothing happened, so don't have any idea what to do next, hope somebody may help me solve this issue. For your interest l know much about factory reset but the very very first time to experience this issue.

Waiting for anybody who can help me solve it would be thankful to you.

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Direct sunlight is the best way, but it's not convenient during winters. If not sun or uv, heat and light can be used. Like bulbs or tubelights puted close together to generate heat and light.

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