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A new iteration of the set-top box, a side-set box. Chromecast connects to your Wi-Fi network to stream content from your compatible device to your television.

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My Chromecast turns on, but video only works for a few seconds?

I plug in the power from a wall outlet, plug it into HDMI, and I see the initial "Chromecast..." on the bottom middle of the screen for a few seconds, then that's it. Next should be the big Chromecast icon I believe, but nothing else appears on the screen. All the while my PC detects the Chromecast perfectly, even lets me cast to it with no problem, I just can't see it, or hear it. So I'm not sure if it's a HDMI problem or not, because it does work for a moment, only on the first load up. It's not only right after I plug it in or anything, because when I reset it from my PC it shows the initial load up again.

Possible cause was from unplugging the power strip it was plugged into, but not the direct cord to the Chromecast, Chromecast possibly didn't get touched or moved at all.

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Have you tried factory resetting your Chromecast? The firmware may have become corrupted somehow.

Here is a link to show you how.


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you can update the chromecast firmware version rest you can see here how to chromecast from laptop here


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