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Why is my screen not lighting up although I can fainlty see pictures?

My screen is not visible in a normal room light but under intense light I can see my screen and am able to function my computer with no problem i tried to adjust the brightness and I see the brightness going up and down trying to dim the screen adn brighten the screen but it has no result, although pressing the volume up and down does have a result.

I took apart the computer to see that my inverter display wires were disconnected i put them back together in its perspective place but I do not know if i am putting the right color wire in the right portal.since I did this and there is no change to my screen's problem. Is there something else I can do, or a differnt problem I can fix??

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Did you suddently lose the display lightning or before losing it you experimented intermittent failures of the lightning when moving the lid up and down ? Was the ibook dropped ?

Most of the time the inverter cable is the culprit. You may check the inverter cable connection to the logic board, it's under the board near the fan connector and the black inverter connector looks the same than the fan connector on the 1.33 12" model (4 wires flat connector).

Could also be the inverter board located in the display. Inverter cable and board are not too expensive to replace so I'd try to replace these parts or buy a used complete display but be aware that the 1.33 12" display cannot be swapped with other G4 12" ibook models (cabling would not fit).

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hmmm... if you can actually see an image but it's very dim it sounds more like a problem with the backlight.

Therefore I would NOT rush to replace the display without first checking that your backlight inverter is working and or correctly connected. take a look at the repair guide and double check you've connected it correctly.

or if you have to try replacing the inverter board that's a lot easier and cheaper to try before replacing the display

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