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My PS3 doesn't turn on.

I attempted to do an update to my PS3 and it failed the update 2 times so I thought that I would power cycle it to see if it would finally work.

When I power cycled it I flipped the power button on the back off and pulled the power cord out for 20 seconds. When I turned the device back on the red light on the front came on showing that it has power.

I pressed the on/off button on the front of the PS3 and then the green light came on showing that it was booting up, but the green light only stayed on for 10-20 seconds then it immediately went back to red.

I can't really hear anything turning on in that 20 seconds that the green light is on and am wondering what went bad? Does anybody have any suggestions to help me find a solution?

Can I pull out the hard drive and re-format it and put it back in to see if the file system was bad?

Any suggestions would be super helpful!


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So it appears that it isn't hard drive related and I can't do a system update. When I click on any of the options in safe mode the PS3 will either just shut off or when I try to restore the file system it says an error #8001002b. I can plug the PS3 hard drive into my computer no problem, so I formatted it as suggested on some forums and still no luck.

Any more ideas?


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Oh boy, this isn't good. You don't want to format the hard drive because you will loose the update data that the system is trying to read. Try this:

- Make sure the system is off and the light on the front is solid red.

- Hold down the power button and it will beep a few times and turn back off.

- Let go and hold it down again until you hear a double beep.

- Let go and see if a menu comes up asking you to plug your controller in.

- Plug it in and go to system update.

This is a manual update. Go to http://us.playstation.com/support/system... and follow the instructions on there for the manual update using your thumb drive. Hopefully this will fix the problem.

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Thanks for the response, WiredExtreme. We definitely appreciate the help. A heads up: You're welcome to advertise your services on your user profile, where it will be backed up by your reputation. But do not promote your services in answers themselves. Your contributions will speak for themselves.


Thank you for the help, it seems to be working, I didn't have time to try what you said till now cause school started :P, but thanks again!


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You should NEVER Switch off you're system when it's updating. if you get it repaired, watch the screen when you're doing an update, and it will tell you not to switch off your console

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