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The Xbox 360 is the second game console made by Microsoft, and was released November 22, 2005.

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How do I quiet RMA'ed 360? Fans are really loud

I had a launch unit, served me great for many years. After it got the RROD, it was RMA'ed, replaced with a different main unit and the fans are now super loud. I can't play a game or watch a movie because the sound is very distracting.

How could my launch be quiet but this one is so loud? Can I replace the fans with quieter ones?

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You can certainly replace the fans. A company called Talismoon sells fans that they claim to move much more air and are much quieter than the factory ones. I believe the model is the Talismoon Whisper fan. They all have LED lights in them (available in all kinds of colors), but I believe you can turn those off if you so wish. The fans should be available at most game console parts stores online that sell Xbox 360 mods.

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It's quite possible that someone did a 12v fan mod to this xbox and Microsoft didn't take the time or just didn't care enough to look at it (I have even heard of people sending modded systems in for repair and getting repaired xbox's back no questions asked). There are many methods to do the 12v mod and some are quite obvious.. some not so. It may just be as simple as de-solding a wire or two.. But it may also be as complicated as replacing mosfets (if they went bad and were bypassed in a cheap fix repair). If the xbox is out of warranty just take it apart and take a close look for out of the ordinary stuff (ELECTRICAL TAPE IS NOT NORMAL!). If it's in warranty call Microsoft see what they say to do. Be sure to stress it came back from the repair this way!

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well like the acceped answer says, get a talismoon fan. when you replace it make sure the xbox stays cool. thats why the fan is loud, to keep the xbox from overheating and getting the rrod. when you replace the fan keep the loud one and sell it on ebay or something. lots of people would like the fan.

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