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Very water damaged iPod

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Hello! I was outside and I found my long lost blue iPod Nano 4th Generation in a puddle, while it was pouring with rain. I pick it up and I accidentally hold down the power button, making it fry the iPod.

How to make it work again? I have dried it but I don't have any uncooked rice around?

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Disassemble the ipod


Clean ever connection with a soft toothbrush. As well clean the logic board use a 99% isopropal alcohol for all cleaning. now is the time to start drying out the ipod . Set the screen in a desiccant or silica gel leave it in for several day moving it from time to time to get the max effect from the desiccant . use a blow dryer on a low heat setting to dry the rest of the ipod. replace the battery with a new one consider the old ones done.Soldering skills are needed her. Clean again with isopropal alcohol let dry and when you think everything is clean and dry reassemble the phone (make sure to clean the contacts on the screen after removing from the desiccant). Once you've reassembled the ipod its time to power it on. Hold your breath and hope for the best

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I will try that, thank you sir.


Let me know how it goes curious if you get it fixed.


%#*!^@, I accidentally ripped a ribbon and broke the screen. Well, rest in peace that iPod.


sorry for your loss, RIP


Yeah, i was very tired at that time and wasn't thinking straight.


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