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A Windows 8 laptop series by Acer with Intel Core i3 or i5 CPU.

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will not charge...no power

the laptop has lost all power and will not work even with charger plugged in to power source.

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Facing the same problem for the third time and this time it is out of warrenty. Actually, the power ICs are burned and god knows why its happening again and


Hi @ Arsh Goyal,

Have you checked the output from the charger to make sure that is within specs i.e. 19VDC?


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i have same problem on same laptop. mine was old one month, just stoped working! I tryed new charger, new battery, all trick's from internet and it didnt work. I have take him to waranty and get al new internals (MBO; HDD, RAM). My advice if is under waranty, use it!

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hope reese будет вечно благодарен.
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