Bluetooth suddenly not available, now showing up in System Information

Okay,...I'm learning a lot as I tackle this issue on my own, but could use some advice. Bear with me while I give some lead in information. I work in Alaska and took a fall on the ice. In addition to the dislocated finger, I also fell onto my backpack which contained my Macbook Pro (Mid 2010, 15"). The water bottle in my backpack also emptied it's contents when I fell on it. The next day, upon trying to boot my Mac, it would not boot (folder display with ? over it). I pulled the bottom cover off to see if my RAM or hard drive connectors had been jarred loose,...that's when I discovered a LITTLE bit of water inside the case in and around the hard drive. I dried it and tried to reboot to no avail. I removed the hard drive and let it dry out for 24 hours near the radiator in my room. Upon booting, came back to life, with my desktop and all files intact. The only thing was the bluetooth icon on the menu bar up top, was dulled out and had a zigzag line through it. Upon clicking it simple said "Bluetooth Not Available". Bluetooth has also completely disappeared from the dock's System Preferences menu (Gears) and from the System Information display (Apple Icon, upper left corner).

So,..long story long,...Googled the issue and followed a couple of walk thru's regarding the Library (/library/preferences/) and removed the files, as recommended, to no avail. Also went through the steps of resetting the SMC as part of the fix if removing the plist file didn't work,....and also did a combination of both steps. My bluetooth still shows as Not Available.

So,...I checked the actual bluetooth/wifi card and all cables were connected solidly where they should have been. I was suspecting it to be just a software glitch, then I began to suspect the hardware, and now sorta stumped. I am able to utilize WIFI with zero issues, so I am reluctant to blame it on an antenna problem. I simple can't make the machine SEE the bluetooth side of the wifi/bluetooth card. Question 1. Is it possible that just the bluetooth side of the card has gone bad? Question 2. Is there a separate antenna lead for bluetooth that could have come loose from the antenna that is enclosed inside the display? Is that likely, even though I get perfectly good WIFI reception? What could be preventing my Mac from seeing the bluetooth aspect of the card, resulting it it being absent from the System Preferences AND the System Info???

Sorry for the long winded tale, but more info is better than not enough. Thanks in advance for help. PS. Yes,..I can easily replace the card, and the part is inexpensive, but I'm just wondering if it I would be spinning my wheels in doing so.

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I have the same issue, and bought a replacement card: same thing: wifi works perfectly, but bluetooth appears not to exist and resetting SMCs and deleting .plist files does nothing.


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