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Why can't USB ports see memory devices?

At the same time that my built in iSight camera stopped working my usb ports would no longer see memory devices, only my mouse or joystick worked. I can't synch iphone, ipod, download photos or use a flash drive. Also my touchpad now needs to "warm up" after startup before it responds.

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Some times you really need the help of a professional. This is not simple to diagnose in person, over the internet nearly impossible. Take it to a pro. I am a pro and I'm not sure where I would start on this one. Sorry.

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Try resetting the PMU. A quick search with google should send you to apple's website with the directions. If that doesn't work....

Either your OS install has gone pooh city or the logic board isn't in good shape. Do the USB devices show up in system profiler? If they don't but your mice and such do, try booting off your Mac OS X install cd or dvd and check system profiler from there to see if your storage devices are detected that way. If they are detected when booting up off of the install media, its your OS. (possibly your user account? Try creating a new account and see if things work under the new account before reinstalling your OS.)

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I've reset the PMU and tried CD booting- didn't help. I'm thinking logic board or what about the left I/O board? If that went bad what symptoms would I see? I'm obviously hoping for a cheaper solution than the logic board...


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Didn't realize the separate I/O board was present. It could well be the connections from the I/O board to the logic board. This is one of those issues that just isn't going to be fun to diagnose. Its not very clear if its the I/O board or the logic board at this point. Here is the link, the ribbon I speak of is shown in step 27:

Click here.

Clean connections if there is any residue on anything. Reseat the ribbon on both ends if possible. I once came acrossed a laptop with a keyboard issue (most keys typed correctly, some would type two different keys). I replaced the keyboard only to see the same issue. So I opened it up again, cleaned the ribbon and ribbon slot for the OLD keyboard (with a very small torx pointy bit) and all the keys worked again.

Good luck!

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Go to FINDER, then, to PREFERENCES, then to GENERAL en mark check marcus in Hard Disck, External disckes, CDs, DVDs and IPods, Connected Severs...

Good luck!!!

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