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An 11.6" touchscreen tablet and a Full HD laptop by Sony. It was released in 2012.

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Sony Vaio Duo 11 DC input needs replacing

My Vaio Duo 11 fell onto the floor. Unfortunately it landed on the DC input side. When I checked the internal battery will not charge. And I think the DC input broke as I opened it up and see the DC input board was bit loose. At the moment I can only use the laptop using sheet battery, it only lasts 1-1.5 hours usage. And I have to take the sheet battery off for recharging (inefficient process) . I wonder if you could tell me where I could buy the Sony Vaio Duo 11 DC input board from? Thank you

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Just looking on Ebay brought up a lot of hits for a DC power jack/cable. Unfortunately none when you searched for 'Sony Vaio Duo 11' but a lot which had Sony Vaio model numbers one of which may be your particular model. Maybe you can look and see if you hadn't already done this, that is. Also found if you enter your model number followed by 'parts' into google there are numerous places offering parts for Sony Vaio laptops. Knowing the exact model number really helps. As I don't know your model number I can't pinpoint a source (close or not) for you.


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hey, I think it is hard to find this input power jack board for Sony Vaio Duo 11, I found someone is selling the input jack, you will need to solder it to the original board, check this page: http://www.dcincable.com/sony-vaio-duo-u...

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the dc connector board is not connected by any screws and is held in place by the LAN port and the groves on the connector. The input jack in the link is the right one.


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