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The Fujifilm X100T is the third-generation camera of the X100 series released in late 2014 by Fujifilm Corporation. It comes in two colors: black and silver, and can be identified with a capital T on the front. It is Wi-Fi capable and can take 16 megapixel photos.

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Why won't the battery charge when it is put into the charger?

When I put the battery into the charger and wait at least an hour for it to charge before putting it back into the camera, the camera won't turn on.

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If the battery doesn't charge when it is plugged into the charger, it could be a sign that the battery is not inside the device properly. Check to see that the battery is completely in the device, and try to charge it again.

If the battery still does not charge when it is put into the charger, this could be a sign that the battery is malfunctioning. You might have to replace the device's battery, using a Battery Replacement Guide.

Source: Fujifilm X100T Troubleshooting

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