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Released January 2015, identified by model number D79UO. BLU designs and manufactures low-cost mobile phones.

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SIM card stuck in Slot 1

I have a brand new Blu Studio G. I inserted the SIM card in Slot 1 too far -- there's just a little bit of it sticking out. Any tips on removing it safely?

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Hello Anthony!

I hear ya. I had a co-worker just do the same thing.

Check out this picture...

Block Image

What they won't tell you is that these slots are NOT

spring loaded type slots. Also, Slot 1 does not have

any "stoppers" on the back side -namely because it

takes a specific adapter for the usual Micro-SIM

these days. So, if you push the SIM card up, it just

keeps going -and the only way to get it back is to

take the back cover off.

But hey -this is iFixit right!?!

Basic Steps:

  • Remove Back Cover
  • Remove Battery
  • Remove SD Card (if one in the slot)
  • Using PH0 philips bit, remove screws on interior case. Don't forget to unscrew the one in the lower right corner with the tamper detection sticker on it.
  • Remove Interior Cover using Guitar Pick (or similar plastic pry tools). Be careful here and take your time. I found this to be the hardest part as there are plastic clips around the cover that were particularly firm. I started toward the lower right corner to pop off and carefully pry away the interior cover, working slowly around the bottom toward the left side, etc.

Block Image

  • Remove wedged SIM card.
  • Put everything back together.
  • Insert SIM card into SLOT 2. Don't worry, there are stoppers there.

Block Image

Block Image

Have a great day, Anthony!

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Thank you for taking the time for that extremely detailed and useful guide! About 4 days after I asked the question, my Wife just took the thing to Best Buy and got a refund, no questions asked ("SIM card is jammed in there!" "Oh, okay, let's see your credit card." And that was it. I bought a (slightly better Blu) model at a different online retailer, and the guys at The Source installed the SIM properly for us, free of charge (so we bought extra storage from them.

Again, thanks for your time!


God is good, my man. thank you very much for this. i was nervous to take the items apart and didnt know about the screw in the bottom.. thanks a million. God bless you


Thanks, Racine. I'm glad it helped, and I receive those blessings!


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most sim card slots are spring loaded you need to push it in a little farther then it will kick itself out to were you can reach it

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I pushed it in a bit farther and it disappeared completely.


is it in the simslot or sd slot


Thanks for the reply. It's definitely in the SIM slot marked SIM 1; the SD slot is well-identified too. It's a nice phone!


try sticking a pin into the edge of the sim card and pulling it back that way .


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