Problems with power up Asus Ux31

I have been repairing laptop in my sparetime for over 2 years now. And I have never damaged a MB doing the process. Now I have no less than 3 Asus UX31A that turns on and go out after I couple of seconds.

First, I bought one that was suppose to be harddisk defect, but I found out that it was the ram. So waste of money. Then I bought another one with a cracked screen, but fully functional, and replaced the screen and then none of them will turn on.

Then I bought a new one that worked, but some keyboard bottoms didn’t. I tested and replace the keyboard and now it can’t start either.

I have replaced keyboard in ux32a without any problems. They all have the same fault make me believe I have put something wrong together, but can’t figure out what.

I have tried:

Unplugging the cmos, holding down power

Start up without battery and just power supply

Different power supply.

Removing Wifi, screen, Usb board, harddisk.

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