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Soldering is a method of connecting two pieces of metal together by melting another filler metal in between them. There are many kinds of soldering, but this article is designed to teach you the basics of electrical soldering.

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Hot Air Soldering Station Under £400? iPhone Logic Boards


Im looking to step further into the world of microsoldering. I have a decent microscope and a decent PACE soldering station with temperature control etc. What would a good hot air station be? (I have one of these 858D stations from eBay, and I hate it) I'm looking for something in between these £50 stations and a £1000 Weller/Hakko/PACE/JBC stations, preferably around the £300 mark as at 16 its a lot of money to be putting out as a gamble. I would like something semi-professional for smd/bga on iPhone repair. I've seen Metcal stations but unsure, does anyone have any reviews?

Thanks, Sam

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@sammurphy I an using the same 858D. What was your main compliant about it and what was your resolution?


Hi @mayer apologies in the late reply - I found the temperature to often be inaccurate so struggled and seemed to pull off many 'pads' on the boards. I sourced a used JBC JT700 on eBay for a reasonable price.


I think you can use the Weller WSD 81i Set. it is one of the best soldering station.

you can find more information about it on below link:



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Im in Canada and I us an Aoyue 968A+ work station.


What I like the most about it is the vacuum which I modified to more my liking I took it off the soldering pencil and made a plastic nozzle that lays on whatever I'm soldering and draws off the fumes that way I found it on the iron to be clumsy and I shake bad enough when soldering up close.The hot air has a wide range of heat settings so desoldering is easy both temp and air speed are controlled as well as nose size . Ive had this station just over a year now and haven't had any issues yet .I do need to mention I don't use it every day. I tend to wait till I have 3 or 4 things to do and make a day of it as i dont leave it setting out so need to set it up when it does get used it may have to work all day but it never complains . I paid just over 300 dollars Canadian you'll have to do the math on the exchange. I did get new easier to hold pencils .The holder for the iron doesn't work as well when the vacuums not attached .The irons are easy to interchange and the build quality seems good. I'd probably buy from them again .

Hope this helps

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That seems great thanks for the reply! I've heard mixed reviews on Aoyue products - I guess you get what you pay for. I'll definitely look into this more and see what I can source over here.


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If you could find a used Hakko FR-801 at a fair price that would be perfect. The only problem, this station is expensive even used. I use Pace (MBT 201 with 2 channels, SP-1A iron solder and SX-65 Xtractor + a Pace PPS-25A station coupled with the SensaTemp II Thermo Tweez. Also have a Hakko FP-102 station with the fantastic FM-2027 iron and a Hakko hot air station 851-2 that I recommend for small SMD work. The station uses a small hot air pencil that should be perfect fo iPhone mother boards repairs. Got it for $134 USD shipped from ebay USA (still sell for $650 by resellers in the US). I live in Canada so it's not too far away and shipping costs acceptables but our 0.75 dollar CDN sucks when dealing in US money LOL....

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Sadly you must bite the bullet and spend money on hot air...the more money the better. $500USD - $800USD for a Hakko OR .....$1800 for a JBC...... Sucks but if you're serious don't cheap out!

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Do you know where I'd be able to get a Hakko here in the UK? Even second hand will do me...


I personally go directly to their website for ALL products http://www.hakko.com/ simply because there are WAY too many counterfeit products anywhere else on the web. I'm sure they'll deliver to you in the UK!


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