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Model A1224 / Mid 2007 and Early 2008 / 2, 2.4, or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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black screen, no chime, no keyboard - Solved!

My iMac at start up went through the boot halfway then shutdown suddenly. When I booted it back up it did the same thing then went to a black screen.

I tried resetting the SMC, PRAM etc ... then realized that the keyboard was not communicating with the computer. I double checked the keyboard on my home iMac and it worked just fine, but nothing with my office computer.

Brought my office system home to trouble shoot. Checked LED lights and all but number 4 are lit. I checked all cables and connections and everything appears to be fine. The machine powers up and the DVD drive engages but then nothing happens. No boot chime of any kind. I can hear the HDD running and I removed and checked the RAM, no change.

I tried using an external monitor and hooking my computer up through target mode, my iMac and the external monitor did not find the computer because the ports are not communication? Without a working keyboard how do I speak to the computer.

I finally replaced the video/graphics card with a used but warrantied replacement unit that I purchased online. I followed every step precisely. Crossed my fingers and turned it on and nothing.

I have had it turned off for two weeks now trying to come up with my next move. Today I turned it on and still nothing. It powers on but the computer does not turn on.

Any suggestions or direction would be very much appreciated.

Update (02/05/2016)

I just wanted to update everyone on the status of my machine. I have finally got it back up and running!!!! I am so excited. The logic board was truly the missing piece to the puzzle. I received the part in the mail saturday and had time this evening to work on it. I put the last screw in place, plugged it in and held my breath. The sound of that chime was music to my ears :0) It is working like a champ. A bit slower then I remember haha....but I think I can finally put that larger hard drive in now. That will be the icing on the cake. Knock on wood that nothing goes wrong with that. But after all that I have been through so far, it should be a walk in the park. Thank you Meyer for all your guidance and support. And I can't thank the people at applepartsexchange enough for providing me with the logic board. A good ending to a long and interesting journey.

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Cherri, I was impressed with Applepartsexchange and their generosity. I sent them a message via eBay but do not know if it will get to them as it was a personal message. Would you mind clicking on my icon and sending me an email with their contact info and iFixit ID if they have one? These are the type of people I want to do business with ;-)



Phone: 2099697942

Email: support@reidsattic.com

Website: www.reidsattic.com

Hi Meyer, this is the information that was at the bottom of the letter that I received from them when they sent me the logic board. I apologize but the person that wrote to me did not leave me his/her name. I don't know if they have a iFixit id? I have purchased three different times from them and the they were great. This time they really were amazing! Thank you again for all your help!


In hind sight looks more like a comedy of errors. My lcd and graphics card are both fine. Had I gone to the logic first I would have saved myself a good bit of money and a lot of time. But I learned a lot, and you're right. All"s well that ends well. Thank you again. Ps. I upgraded the hard drive this morning and it went in without a hitch. Giving the machine to my daughter who just started a new job :0) She has a new macbook pro so this will just be her desktop and should be a nice computer for her new office.


"All's Well That Ends Well." Shakespeare - I'm so pleased that I could play a small part in this drama ;-) or was it a "Comedy of Errors"?


Same problem but main board OK. I can boot a SUSE Linux drive but not my Lion drive to my Mac Pro 1,1. Black screen, unseen keyboard.


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First get the correct adapter to go to the external monitor. Next boot it up and shine a flashlight at an angle to the screen and see if you can discern the desktop and let us know your results on both tests. Do the flashlight test first.

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I have ordered a mini dvi port to vga adapter. I checked best buy and local stores in the area and they did not carry the correct adapter for my model. They did had a mini display port to vga that they swore would work, even though i showed them pictures of my actual port. They suggested connecting through my firewire. I purchased the adapters that they suggested and tried hooking to the external monitor with no success. I will do the flashlight test as soon as I get the correct adapter. Thank you so much for your help.


Connect a monitor through the firewire port? What a concept.


Mayer - are you asking to shine the flashlight on the external monitor or the iMac?


no, shine it on the iMac


took the computer back apart and along with the i-fixit video's i rechecked all the connections to the video card that I installed and all the connections to the hard drive and replacement lcd display panel. Everything looks like it is connected and properly installed. I can hear the hard drive running and the dvd drive starts up just fine. Lights 1,2, and 3 are all on but number 4 remains off. I had replaced the pram battery earlier. Not sure if that matters. I had also reset the pram and the smc. I cannot get the apple keyboard to connect still? I have a multiple usb hub connected and the blue lights show me that it is receiving power. I can plug my external hard drive into the usb and it too shows that it is getting power? But the keyboard does not. When I take it and connect it to my iMac 2011 the keyboard works just fine. I know this is a lot of information but i am just hoping that something helps.


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