A "bang" and than nothing happened

Hello guys , first of all I apologize for my English but I'm Italian so I'll definitely miswrite lot of words. I'm also a girl with absolutely no skills in electronics components (treat me with white gloves :)). My apple ipod hi fi stopped working while I was listening to music; suddenly I heard a bang and then the device stopped working forever. Now I've opened it but I just don't know what to do with what I see. First of all, is it normal that all the cables

have black sticky stuff around them? Is there something I can safely do to clean the cables? Than, do you have suggestion about what should have happened (the bang and the death of the device) so that I can focus on one piece and maybe substitute it? Do you think I can do it alone? I'm already very proud that I successed in open it. Guys please help me cause I just love the way this device plays music (more than some Bose amplifier I've tried) and also is a matter of sentimental stuff. Thank you in advance for every suggestion you should give to me. Have a good week end.

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