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Repair guides for Windows cell phones manufactured by Nokia.

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nokia lumia 640 charging-port repair

My device won't charge, how to replace the charging-port of a Nokia lumia 640 and where can I get the new USB charging-port part

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Assuming that you have already tried a different charger or a different USB cable and connected it to a working PC and your phone still wasn't charging, then the following may be of some help.

Here is a link that shows how to dis-assemble your Lumia 640. At 4:02 minutes into the video the charging port is able to be accessed.


The USB ports are available on Ebay. Just search for USB charging port Nokia Lumia 640

Here is a link that shows how to replace a USB port on a pcb. This is just a generic replacement as the procedure is the same in most cases.


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So far I had 5 pcs Lumia 640. All had the same problem: they did not charge anymore. It was not the connector. The internal battery charger circuit was defective. It is repairable. The first 3 phones were simply replaced within warranty; the fourth one was repaired within warranty. I keep it as spare now.

In my opinion, the 640 has problems with overvoltage. When I used the original 230V charger, there was no problem. But I often use a car charger: Ansmann USB2DRIVE 5V 1000mA. It gives 5V, so this should be OK. But I suspect there are higher voltage spikes than 5V, and they kill the 640 charger. Now I added a 5.1V zener diode (limiting diode) inside my car charger, and the problem is solved. Well, so far, so good.

I destroyed my 4th phone internal charger circuit by connecting a 5V power bank that I received as a gift when I bought the phone....

So now I stick to the car charger and the original 230V charger, and never connect something else. I even suspect PC's. When I remember it correctly, one of my phones did not charge anymore after connecting it to my home PC.

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I can believe this as I plugged by 640 into my car for the first time yesterday and now it does not charge any more. Totally dead.


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