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The March 2015 update of Apple's 13" MacBook Pro Retina Display, model A1502, features fifth-generation Intel Core i5 and i7 processors and introduces the Force Touch trackpad.

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Green light on MagSafe on but won't turn on! Screen just black.


I am going to sound super dramatic here so you can all understand the gravity of my situation. I am on a remote island in the Virgin Islands (ok can't complain about that) and today I went to turn on my computer it is just black and wouldn't boot.

This computer was bought in June 2015 so there really shouldn't be a problem. The thing is there is no apple service on any near island and no Apple Store unless I go to Miami most likely so that is not an option and sending it off is also not an option as mail is so slow here.

I am a writer so this is basically the worst thing that could ever happen to me as I am here to collect my thoughts and finish some articles.

I will try to give you as much info as possible and would appreciate any help at all. I have ordered some precision screwdrivers and I have replaced an harddrive on a iMac before so I am not a complete novice to it all.

Info that could be useful:

- I rarely turn off my computer I usually just turn it to sleep or close it

- the days prior to this it started getting very hot when using it especially if I was transferring files so closed many applications and it was better but this never happened back home

- I am using a power adaptor as the computer was bought in UK and now I am in the USVI.

- I went to start it and it didn't work at all just black, no sound, no light.

- the light on the MagSafe was orange and then when I tried resetting the SMC it went green briefly and then went back to orange.

- now it is green all the time for some reason but still won't turn on.

- I've tried so the power works, resetting the smc etc. Just haven't opened as I don't have the correct screwdriver but would need more info what to look at.

HELP ME! It is super crucial for my work that this is fixed and I am here for another month so don't have many options really.

Kind regards,


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First, which island? Do they have a FED EX office? Did you register your machine? Are you getting a start up tone? Can you get access to an external monitor? BTW - it's hard for me to feel real sorry for you as the only problem I found there were the spiny urchins and people driving on the wrong side of the road.


Send me a plane ticket for an on-site visit ;-}


Haha you can fix it? Might be the cheapest option


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Is your MagSafe LED glowing Green, Orange or nothing at all?

You really shouldn't need a power converter here as the MagSafe power adapter is able to switch between 120 & 220 by its self. You should only need the snap-on plug on the MagSafe power adapter.

Most likely your system is still covered under warranty (more so if you took out Apple Care). Give Apple a call to check out your status (you may need to call the UK Vs the USA as that is where you bought the system).

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Haha gee thanks guys! This is the general reactions I keep getting but I am actually here to help build websites and write articles for small business. So this not working sucks.

I can't order spare parts from US as they wont send technology here for some reason.

I mean a power plug adaptor to fit in the plug. When plugged in it is glowing constantly bright green but won't turn on. No sounds or anything.

I will call apple tomorrow but that doesn't really help me at all as really just want it fixed ASAP as I need my laptop. So I am after some answers that I can try by myself first such as remove battery etc.


Here's the adapter kit: Apple World Travel Adapter Kit for your MagSafe in case you want to lessen the bulk on what you need to carry around.


Turn around time for a flat rate repair or warranty service uses FedEx and usually runs a total of four days. Again which island?


St Thomas but I am on a small island outside called water island but can get into st Thomas. But things take ages to get here. There is a repair shop on the island I'll try but I wanted to try everything myself first.


The Green LED tells us the battery is charged and all systems go from a power perspective. You're sure the white LED on the front edge is not on or oscillating on and off correct? If it was SMC maybe confused. It that were the case you could do an SMC reset. Otherwise given your problem I can't think of anything that will help you here to try without risking your warranty coverage. It sounds like you have a major failure within the logic board.


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