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The third iteration of the 10.1 inch Galaxy Tab tablet.

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Purple lines/static on screen

As far as I'm aware my tablet hasn't been dropped or got wet but I have purple lines going across key pad and pink/purple static everywhere. It sill works perfectly but looks awful and is hurting my eyes. The more I use the pinker the static gets. Any idea what's causing it or how I can fix it please?

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hi how r u .. i think u need to check ur screen or cable of it ,, this is some times doing that .. :)


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I had this same problem after I took my tab 3 (10") apart to check battery (not charging well). When I put it back together, wherever there was white on the screen it had static-like effect (multiple colored static). So I took it back apart and removed the display cable on one side where I could see copper (lead me to believe it was not in all the way).

The connectors actually have some sort of lever at the opposite side of where you insert cable. You need to pry that up (90 degrees), then insert the flat cable. Then once the cable is inserted all the way, press that plastic piece back down. When I did all that and turned it on, it was back to normal again (my screen was fine, no need to replace).

btw, the display cable is the one off by itself. There are three flat-ribbon cables when you open it up. 2 are off to one side and there is one by itself on the other side. It is the cable by itself that is the display cable.

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very helpful i never ID THE names of most OF THE PART"s but! ,i did the same thing,?and the tablet did the same ,after i went to close the back i "thought my nail hit something?after doing the the battery-thing , I got "vertical lines " THANK! AGAIN.


This fixed my wife's tablet


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Agreed. If the lines/ pink mist show up the same on every app then either the LCD assembly is dying or the ribbon is getting disconnected. Most likely you will need to purchase a new screen and replace it. I'm sure ifixit has a walk-through on screen replacement

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i had the same problem after a my brother inlaw replaced the usb/ charge port it has to do with the "ribbon" cables under the back cover carfully pull off and there are 3 different ribbon cables that are held in by a "cam" connector (there s a "pull up"/ "snap down" bar thing ) u will need to look first and notice there are lines on cables and on the "board" they connect to those lines need to b parallel to each other then "snap" connector down

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