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Upgrade keyboard to a backlight version for MacBook A1370


I have 11" MacBook Air A1370 late 2010 model

I want to ask if I can change the keyboard with one that has a backlight in it, currently my keyboard is without backlight.


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Apple never offered this model with a backlight. Yes, newer models now have it. But the amount of work to retrofit yours would be very difficult.

Just review this IFIXIT guide: MacBook Air 11" Late 2010 Upper Case Replacement you will need to get a newer version of upper case to swap out yours with and you would need to figure out how to convert it to work with your system. Given the costs it would be cheaper getting a newer model that had the backlight (new or used) and sell yours.

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You can’t do anything to upgrade this keyboard backlight, there is any connection for the backlight on the Logicboard. I was wondering of soldering the backlight ribbon +/- on the Logicboard but where is the controller? no way leave this model without backlight Apple didn’t plan to put a backlight before 2011 model. If they planned to put it on 2010 we would have a place where to solder this backlight +/- power ribbon.

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Yes that was the point! Even after swapping the uppercase would then still need figure out how to connect the keyboard backlight to the logic board. More likely you would need to swap out the logic board too! Which is your point here.


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