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The larger of Apple's MacBook Air laptops featuring dual microphones and 802.11ac Wi-Fi connectivity.

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Is it possible to replace the battery connector on the logic board

MBA 2013 13 inch

The connector in question is the one marked 358MA. I've tried searching for a replacement connector but as you can tell I have been unsuccessful.

Block Image

I'm currently using my Mac with just the power cable.

Update (02/11/2016)

The connector of the battery was cut off and the wires stripped back to align with the solder pads on the logic board. The battery cable was then soldered to the pads of the logic board. Keep in mind the surface mounted connector of the logic board came loose which left the pads exposed.

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How do you attach it. Can it just be glued in?


You solder it in. @Lisa Mac


In my attempts to do this same repair, I lifted the centre pad off the board. The clean up was a bit messy and I don’t know if it was my doing or by design, but pads 1-2-3 have continuity between all three and same for 7-8-9. 4 & 6 are isolated and still work and #5 pad is gone. Anyone have a schematic of what I should see in testing the pads? Is it okay to bridge 4&6?


As Aiden has said the fix requires soldering. From the research I have done (2019) the task requires someone with developed soldering skills.

Battery connector broken off motherboard


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I had my technician at work hard wire the battery to the board. She cut the connector off the battery, stripped the wire back and soldered it in place. It was done under her microscope. I have to warn you that my issues came about because water was spilled on MRI my mac which damaged the original battery. I got a used one from eBay and tried to solder myself but over heated the connector on the logic board that damaged it. The used battery stopped working recently so I had the technician pull it out and soldered a second used battery on. So far no issues yet.

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Well seeing that I have access to a lab that does repair of PCB I asked the technician to remove the female connector from the battery and hard wire it to the board until I can find another 358 MA connector. The battery is charging and all looks well for now. I'm hoping I can find a connector soon.

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It's now late May and my Mac is still going strong with no issues.


Hello, I have the same problem, the connector has broken me, could you explain better how you solved it?

Thank you

a greeting



Is there someone who knows where to order the connector you talk about ?

358 MA (S9B-ZR-SM4A-TF was the wrong one, right ? )


Connector S9B-ZR-SM4A-TF is compatible.


Thanks Paul, I will order it and have it mounted.


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