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This device page will show users how to replace various parts of the Cannon PowerShot SX260_HS. these things including LCD Screen Replacement, Motherboard, Battery, And Shutter button

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Why does my SX260 say "change battery pack" so often?

Why do I haave to change it so often?

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If you only have the one battery and you are having to recharge it after not much usage, then perhaps the battery is beginning to fail and needs replacing. Even rechargeable batteries have a life span. (Also read below about turning off the GPS function)

If you have a spare battery, does it last as long as the first battery or longer?

If it lasts longer, then again perhaps the first battery is beginning to fail and should be replaced.

If the spare battery only lasts about as long as the first battery, check to see if the GPS feature of the camera is switched ON.

If it is, try switching it OFF and see if your battery life improves. Running the GPS feature consumes a lot of power.

Here is a link to the User Guide for your camera, scroll to p.45 to see how to activate / de-activate the GPS feature.


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My powershot sx260hs developed the same problem several months back. I purchased new batteries which made no difference. At least I had several batteries to switch between. The condition degenerated until to the point of becoming non functional. I was using it only for non-high quality images since the lens system was full of dust/debris so it wasn't a big loss. The camera has to be completely torn down to clean out the dust! After laying it aside for a couple of months I inserted batteries and memory and it worked again. Can only take a 20-30 shots before it eats the battery. Hope someone else has the answer.


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